quarta-feira, 2 de junho de 2010

Restoration of the Rua 24 Horas

When the “Rua 24 Horas” (24 Hours Street) was opened in Curitiba on September 12, 1991, it was something never seen before: a place where 24 hours a day everything is working, providing services, conveniences, food and leisure. At that time, we could hardly find anything working on a Saturday afternoon.

After years of neglect and several attempts to restore the place, yesterday was announced by the mayor of Curitiba that the “Rua 24 Horas” would be again a point of reference in Curitiba. The reform will start this Wednesday (2) with an investment of $ 3.84 million made by the city of Curitiba.

There will be deployed a cafe, bookstore, post office, tourist center information and a cultural space. The reform will maintain the architectural characteristics of space. Tourists will find a series of services such as information about the city, and sales of handicrafts and regional products.

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