quinta-feira, 17 de junho de 2010

Comendador Araújo Street

Political leader coming from the city of Antonina, Antonio Alves de Araujo was a provincial deputy. He had an important social and economic position because of his business. He lived on the street that got his name after his death. His home, a mansion in the corner of Osório Square, was demolished in the seventies to make way for a tall building.

In November 1887, it was inaugurated the line of streetcars pulled by donkeys, which started circulating in Curitiba. Because of this, many traders and industrialists, moved from the coast to Curitiba, choosing this region to settle down. On April 30th, 1888, the street was renamed to “Comendador Antonio Alves de Araujo”. The then existing residential environment has been transformed over time into a region of trade. The “Casa Glaser”, remains as the last witness of this history.

From the book "Ruas e histórias de Curitiba" by Valerio Hoerner Jr. Artes e Textos. Curitiba, 2002

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