quinta-feira, 24 de junho de 2010

Alice Ruiz

The poet Alice Ruiz Curitiba start writing poems since very young, but she had her first book published at the age of 34. She married Paulo Leminski and he was the first person who described her poetry as similar to "Haikais”.

Alice Ruiz has published 19 books and has received numerous awards. Many of her lyrics were recorded by important Brazilian singers. Much more can be found at http://www.aliceruiz.mpbnet.com.br/.

I remember one Haikai of Alice Ruiz that I believe get along very well with the picture that I am posting today. It is hard to translate, but is says something like:

de tanto não poder dizer
meus olhos deram de falar
só falta você ouvir

since I can’t tell
my eyes have to talk
all you have to do is listen

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