quarta-feira, 16 de junho de 2010

Brazil 2 x 1 North Corea

Yesterday, Brazil beat Korea by a score of 2 x 1 (goals from Elano and Maicon), in a presentation considered pale and unimaginative by the sports Analysts. Finishing the first half in 0x0 was very frustrating.

The post game was a good thermometer of overall feeling: little celebration and few fireworks. Robinho (Brazilian striker) celebrated the victory, saying the anxiety of the first game was great. He said that "the victory was what we wanted," and further, that "The Brazilian people can expect a lot of guts and we will represent Brazil very well."

No matter what, the Brazilian soccer fans will always complain, suffer, cheer and if everything goes right, celebrate another title. The weight of the 5 stars is too large to be different.

The photo of the Brazilian soccer fan was made in the corner of Rua Engenheiros Rebouças with Rua Conselheiro Laurindo.

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