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The Modern Architecture of Curitiba - Leo Linzmeyer

Gerhard Leo Linzmeyer was born in Curitiba on September 7th, 1928. During his childhood, he studied drawing and painting with Andersen Thorstein, son of the painter Alfred Andersen. After his graduation in engineering at UFPR, Linzmeyer worked in the office of Rubens Meister, established at the construction site of the Teatro Guaira. Linzmeyer studied architecture at the University of Karlsruhe in southern Germany in 1956 and 1957. He worked as the director of the Department of Water and Sewage of Paraná State, as Secretary of State for Roads and Public Works (1975 and 1979) and Coordinator of COMEC (1979). He died in Curitiba in 1999.

Nelson Imthon Bueno House (1958).
Due to the use of the sloping ground proposed by Linzmeyer his project won the owner’s preference among other designers. The urban lot, which width is much greater than its depth, led to a solution that almost stuck in the house to the neighbor lots, giving linearity to the solution.

Osmar Seyler de Camargo (1963).
In this project, Linzmeyer also took advantage of the sloping ground to use the lower floor to the garage and living spaces, taking advantage of the north face of the land and the existing natural forest.

Edgar Barbosa Ribas House (1967).
As a gazebo, the house is located at the higher point of the lot. The contrast between concrete eaves and the large frames of wood is characteristic of the aesthetics of Leo Linzmeyer’s architecture.

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