quinta-feira, 25 de março de 2010

A boy and his kite

Breaking the series of modern architecture, follows the simplicity of the image of a boy prancing his kite in almost no traffic little street of the Novo Mundo District in Curitiba.
It is very common, especially during the summer and in neighborhoods distant from downtown, to see children prancing their kites, and this is one of their favorite games. Since the streets are their playground, the wires become a risk that children do not seem to care much.
The energy distribution company (Copel) constantly promotes campaigns warning about the risks of flying kites near power lines, because once the kite is tangled, many accidents can occur, since the interruption of power supply, up to a serious accident by shock, either because the child decides to climb the pole to remove the kite or the line of the kite is made of conductive material.
But as childhood without kites, especially for children from humble families, is not childhood, then it's up to adults to ensure the safety of these children.

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