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The Modern Architecture of Curitiba - Ayrton Lolo Cornelsen

Ayrton Cornelsen was born in Curitiba on July 7th, 1922. Ayrton conducted an extensive work as an architect and engineer. In 1943, as an engineering student at UFPR University and employee of the Municipality of Curitiba, he was responsible for show Curitiba to Alfred Agache. He has completed his engineering in Rio de Janeiro, where he maintained contact with the architecture produced by the disciples of Lucio Costa. Lolo has been a permanent critic to the urbanism planning of Curitiba since the large avenues proposed by Agache were not implemented, keeping the center of Curitiba "cluttered", without the appearance of a big city desired by the French architect.

Marcos Axelrud House (1953).
The Marcos Axelrud House contained in a rectangular prism, has a lush porch in curved design with reinforced concrete. The projected terraces were designed to receive brises, which were not implemented.

Romário Pacheco House (1953).
The Romário Pacheco House is among Cornelsen’s most elaborate designs. This house feature exquisite details of elements in wood, which implementation was facilitated due to the joinery that Lolo was the owner.

DER Headquarters (1955).
In the design of the DER headquarters the main block is retreated from the street alignment and the ground floor was sat on stilts. A two storey block with a front auditorium crosses the main block. The architectural elements are complemented by using the terrace for a restaurant and leisure, open space in each floor, tape windows, matching the purist principles of Le Corbusier.

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