segunda-feira, 8 de março de 2010

Eeva-Liisa Isomaa at the MON in Curitiba

I have taken this picture of a person observing the works of the Finnish artist Eeva-Liisa Isomaa, at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Curitiba. Moreover, the museum was crowded with visitors, for the first sunday of every month the admission is free, which is a fantastic initiative and a great success by the amount of people who I saw walking all the rooms of the museum.

About the incredible exhibition of Eeva Isomaa, I found the following news on the website "Paraná Online":
"On March 5th to July 04th 2010, The Oscar Niemeyer Museum brings the exhibition "Journal of Water" by the Finnish artist and printmaker Eeva-Liisa Isomaa, for the first time in Brazil. The set features a retrospective of the artist's trajectory over the past 18 years. From photographic bases the artist prints her images in fine fabrics that are used as support, giving lightness, transparency and sensitivity to the work. The water and the landscape are some of the themes explored by the artist. Due to Eeva's innovation, in 1998 she was awarded at the international biennial of Sapporo, Japan and Prague, the Czech capital."

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