domingo, 7 de março de 2010

Curitiba's old railway station

In 1880 at the start of the construction of the railway linking Curitiba to Paranagua, a committee was created to carry out studies for the location of the station and that committee asked the municipality to donate the land to the Company General of Railroads. Only nine years after that the site was acquired. The design of the station, based on the European model, was done by the engineer of Italian origin, Michelangelo Cuniberti. In 1894 the building was expanded with the construction of another floor, assigned to the engineer Rudolf Lange. With the transfer of the company's offices to another location in 1918, the building got modifications that included the creation of a hall. After the inauguration, in 1972 of the new railway station of Curitiba, the old one was turned into a museum designed by curators of the Federal Railway.

The building of two floors, brick masonry, is covered with French tiles, and platibanda balusters. Its symmetrical facade is valued in the center of the composition by the uplift of a pediment, flanked by scrolls, topped by the eardrum and having a clock in the center framed by arched. The brickwork of the facade, the bossage, has, as ornaments, pillars highlighted in point diamond.

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