sexta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2009

Os Lambrequins (gableboards)

In Curitiba, the use of gableboards date from the late nineteenth century. It was believed that the gableboards were a clear evidence of the Germanic influence, since the German contractors were very active in Curitiba at that time. But as there were Germans in other parts of Brazil, where gableboards were not so trivial, the solution was to invent genealogies linking gableboards the Polish immigrants.

Here is the logic: if the majority of the Polish who immigrated to Brazil were established in Curitiba and only in Curitiba all wooden houses were decorated with gableboards than it could only be related to the Polish immigrants (or at least, this would be "the most likely" reason).

Thanks to this error, a portion of wooden architecture in Curitiba escaped the destructive fury that happened in the early 1950s when the press demanded that the colonial buildings of Curitiba were demolished.

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  1. Beautiful gableboards! Not what I would have expected to see in Brazil!