sábado, 12 de setembro de 2009

Open-air Market Day

Saturday is the open-air market day close to the district I live in. It is cool to get there early in the morning and get the very best among fruits e veggies, not to mention an easy place to park your car.

The greatest advantage of the open-air market (besides the exercise of walking) is the fact that products are always very fresh, which guarantees higher quality and longer life time. Also essential is to eat a fine "pastel" (*) with a nice cup of coffee (nowhere else you can find a better pastel). As the fruits and veggies tents are always the same, over time you just get to know everybody, which gives a feeling of being at home.

(*) Sorry if I can not translate the word "pastel". It is made of a thin crispy crust, stuffed with spicy ground beef.

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