domingo, 13 de setembro de 2009

Largo da Ordem Crafts Fair - Part 1

A common pleasure in Curitiba is visiting the crafts fair at the Largo da Ordem on a Sunday morning (just like today). Besides the opportunity to buy crafts for attractive prices, you will also enjoy cultural events, have some nice snacks and see crowds of interesting people.

This democratic and relaxed fair happens every Sunday in the Historical Section of Curitiba. Initially occupying just the Largo da Ordem, now it spread to more than 1.5 km of the old town streets. In addition to nearly 2,000 tents of crafts, you will find art galleries, book stores, exhibition of old cars, bars and restaurants. It is a weekly event that you just can't miss.

Since I have more stories to tell about this fair and more interesting pictures, I will split this theme in 3 parts.

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  1. it looks like a very busy place...
    bazaars like these are always interesting!