sexta-feira, 28 de maio de 2010

Running at Barigui Park

I made this picture on a Saturday morning and realized that many people go to Barigui Park early in the morning to walk or run. I imagine that living nearby, there would be no better option for exercise.

The outer track of the park has around 5100 meters, while the inner track has 3100 meters. Both have sections on asphalt (mostly) with some patches of grass.
Useful tips:
· Arrive early on weekends (before 9 am would be ideal) because it gets really crowded;
· Hydrate yourself. If you do not take liquids from home, there are stalls selling water, coconut water and sugarcane juice;
· It is always open;
· There is a free parking lot;
· The access to toilets is charged;
· There is a dedicated bike path;
· There are exercise equipments;

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  1. Really well composed. The trees are lovely and the guy running completes it.

    Norwich Daily Photo