sexta-feira, 14 de maio de 2010

Curitiba's outdoor gyms

The photo shows the outdoor gym at Arthur Bernardes Avenue at Santa Quiteria district. The text below explains this great initiative of our municipality.

Curitiba has won seven more outdoors gyms that are working in parks, plazas and leisure centers all over the city. Now there are 12 gyms installed and until September, the city will have 130 spaces for gymnastics outdoors.

"These are equipment to improve physical condition and, consequently, the quality of life and health, helping to prevent diseases," says Mayor Luciano Ducci.

The equipment of the academies are installed through a partnership of the City with the company Assix Advertising, which won the open call. For five years, the company will be responsible for implementation, maintenance, preservation and production of graphic materials (sheets and brochures) of the academies.

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