terça-feira, 18 de maio de 2010

The Geese of Barigui Park

In the three groves of the Barigui Park, consisting of primary forest and native forest, several native or migratory animals seek shelter, such as egrets, cavies, lapwing, tico-ticos, skunks, thrushes, biguatingas, cavies, capybaras , agoutis, marmosets, opossums, and these friendly geese who kindly allowed me to portray them here.

In addition to sheltering animals, the Barigui Park is also the largest area of natural preservation closest to Curitiba’s downtown. Its forests help regulate air quality while its huge lake, with 230,000 m2, helps control the floods of Barigui river, which was formerly so common at the lower part of Curitiba.

Barigui Park, like other parks in Curitiba, is part of a municipal policy of preservation of the valleys. The goal is to avoid siltation and pollution of rivers by monitoring, protecting riparian and prevent the illegal occupation of its banks, making these areas open to the public in the form of parks.

Source: Municipality of Curitiba

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