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Thalia Society

The Thalia Society was founded on April 4th, 1882 by eighteen German immigrants in order to accommodate their meetings, especially theater, arts and music.

The name Thalia came from the Greek mythology. Thalia is the muse of comedy.

Due to the tension generated during the First World War, the club started to be observed by the police and the government forced the club to change its name, its board and forced to adopt Brazilian characteristics and even that documents could no longer be written in German. The Verein Thalia then changed its name to Thalia Society on January 26, 1918. At that time all documents and books of its library written in German were destroyed.

In December 1942 the Thalia Society moved to its current address at Comendador Araújo Street.

The club carries out various cultural activities (such as the folk group Original Einigkeir Tanzgruppe) and it has strong participation in sports events in town and it is also well known for its parties and their dances.

Thalia is a club with its 128 years of existence and played an important role on the history of German immigration and the history of Curitiba.

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