terça-feira, 3 de agosto de 2010

Private prisions

I've noticed throughout the city a growing concern about security at homes and businesses.Many buildings are being transformed into fortresses with the installation of concertinas ("evolution" of barbed wire) and electric fences. In my house, which is in a residential neighborhood of Curitiba, I had to sacrifice aesthetics in favor of safety by installing an electrified fence, a result of the invasion of which I was the victim.

I have just returned from a city where the lack of security is now past and it was only possible due to a serious and incorruptible attitude of authorities who had the power to change the course of things. The zero tolerance policy for ANY kind of crimes and criminals, made New York a safe city in all neighborhoods, even those which in the films are presented as violent. If they can, it is also true that we could. What's missing?

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  1. very interesting thoughts; the top picture is great

  2. we must have been thinking alike today! Love the shot at the top - it feels like your own little prison... nice.