sexta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2010

Old headquarters of Clube Curitibano

The picture taken on the night of August 21st from the corner of Tobias de Macedo and John M.Garcez, shows the Generoso Marques Square and at the center of the photo and in the background, a bright building in the corner of Rio Branco and Flower Streets. This is an important building for the history of Curitiba. Inspired by the modernist movement, it was built where a mansion housed the Curitibano Club (the most important club of Curitiba). Property of the club, construction started in 1947 and completed in 1950. The club occupied the space until 1968 when it was moved to it current location at Agua Verde District. This building was an important landmark to all residents and tourists and was considered to be one of the most luxurious address in Curitiba.
The degradation engulfed the building in the 90s. In 2005 the building was bought by the J. Malucelli Group. The design and restoration of the building took two years to materialize and it was conducted in partnership with UFPR, professionals and students of engineering and architecture. 

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