quinta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2010

New York

LOVE sculpture at 6th avenue.

Flatiron Building at sunset

Roof tops of Chinatown from Manhattan Bridge.

The Rockfeller Center, the Atlas and the St. Patrick Cathedral

Bethesda Fountain at Central Park

Central Park from the Top of the Rock

Empire State Building from the Top of the Rock

Brooklin Bridge

New York Public Library

Gramercy Park

Manhattan from the ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island

I was not planning to post pictures of my journey through New York City in this space, but since I do not know if I'll create a blog, how long will it take to organize the photos and since a very good friend of mine has asked me when would she see some of the photos, I will open only today a parenthesis and I'll post some photos taken by me in New York.

I apologize in advance for the clichê photos (eg Empire State), but since it is my first time in NYC, these photos were inevitable.

If I were asked to point out the highlights of New York that would be: the absolute sense of security that I have felt anywhere in this immense city; the efficiency of everyone; the architecture in every detail, the constant care to preserve that heritage; the museums and their collections, which we all know only by books; and the wonderful Central Park.

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  1. Wow! All of these things in Brazil. You should go to New York City some time. You would find the same sights there, too. (Just kidding you. . . Hope you enjoyed your trip.)