quinta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2010

Curitiba Portraits Anniversary

Today it is the anniversary of Curitiba Portraits. I would like to thank CDP and everyone who visited the blog during this period. The blog  “Curitiba Portraits” was born from another blog in Portuguese, which I update everyday.

In order to devote myself to the original blog and have more freedom to future plans, I would like to say that this will be my last post at Curitiba Portraits.

I invite those who still wish to continue to know more about Curitiba, to follow the link to the blog: circulandoporcuritiba.blogspot.com. Everyone will be very welcome.

The mosaic contains the pictures I like the most from this blog.

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  1. Prezado Washington,

    é uma pena que o Curitiba Portraits acabe, mas nós, do Rio Daily Photo, entendemos. Assim, como você, alguns outros blogs de cidades brasileiras surgiram e se foram. Nós, do Brasil, temos uma certa dificuldade de nos mantermos entre tantas cidades com mais seguidores. Apesar de o RDP ter mais de 500 leitores inscritos, nosso índice de visitas tem sido extremamente baixo. Isso sempre nos deixa desanimados. Mas pretendemos prosseguir até onde for possível. Não vamos desistir.

    Esteja certo de que estaremos visitando seu outro blog, assim como temos certeza de que vamos contar com suas visitas, sempre!

  2. Happy anniversary, Washington!!! What an incredibly colorful and striking mosaic to leave us with.

    I'm sorry you're leaving but I hope this means you have more time to do what you love. Btw you should provide a link to your other blog, which I'm glad will continue.

  3. I just found you, and now you're leaving. I know I'll have fun surfing back to see your blog posts from the past. PS. Happy Anniversary!!

  4. Thank you all!

    Rio Daily Blog, siga firme! Se há uma cidade no Brasil que tem eternamente maravilhas para mostrar, essa cidade é o Rio. Fui poucas vezes ao Rio, todas me mostraram porque é maravilhosa.

    KItty! I do have plans for the other blog (based on what I have done in New York) and to keep both would be stressful. I have edited the post, leaving the link to the other blog. I am very proud to have a link in your wonderful blog to this humble one. Could you change the link to the other one (which is a daily blog, just like this)? And how about Rupert? Was he happy to see you back from Japan?

    Hi Kate! Thank you! Please check the other blog too. It is just the same (half an year older than this, so, much more information) but in portuguese (which may not be a problem with google).

  5. Sorry to see you leave. I enjoyed many beautiful photos here. Good luck!

  6. OH man,
    that's kinda sad because i've just found this blog. I didn't read this post at first because as soon as i visited it i knew i liked it, so i went to the very first post.

    Well, i guess it's ok, i mean, it isn't the end of the world, and u have another blog that shows Curitiba, my new city, from differents and interesting views.

    I must say that I was amazed with the idea and the photos itself. I've always wanted to do something like that with Santos (SP seaside town).

    Best wishes with "Circulando Por Curitiba" wich i'm already visiting HAHA.

  7. Hi! I found your blog while I was doing a research about curitiba, and I must say that Im already a fan of your work! Would you give me permission to post some of your pictures in my blog?! I'm moving to Curitiba next week, so I'm doing a post about the reasons why I love this city so much, and your pictures express the reasons very well! =D


  8. Washington, gostaria de saber se me autoriza a postar algumas fotos sua, da cidade de Curitiba. Se me permitir, claro que darei os devidos créditos. Um abraço.